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There are DA meetings Monday - Saturday in the Houston area, but please note that these meetings are held in different locations. The map below will give you an idea where the are meeting places are; the meeting locations are marked with red dots. You can click on a dot for a more detailed map of that area.

Overview map Houston DA meetings

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8:00 PM


DA Step Study


Holy Name Passionist Retreat Center, Nielson Hall

Meeting could use support

NOTE: Due to Holy Name Passionist Retreat Center Closure, this meeting will not meet on:


6:30 PM


St. Luke's United Methodist Church, E-N204

NOTE: Due to St. Luke's Closure, this meeting will not meet on:
12/25/2019 Christmas Eve
12/31/2019 New Years Eve.

Last Tuesday** 5:30 PM Visions
5:30 PM
Business Debtors Anonymous * (Women)
5:30 PM
Saturday *
10:30 AM

St. Luke's United Methodist Church, E-S301

Note: The room change to E-S301 effective January 25, 2020.

4:00 PM CST Intergroup

Notes: * BDA = Business Debtors Anonymous. These meetings are for people who have spending and/or debting problems in their business. Anyone is welcome.
  ** Visions meetings are intended for people with some time in the program who interested in working on and planning for their futures. Last Tuesday of the month.
  *** Step Studies are designed to better understand the steps of 12 steps of Debtors Anonymous.
  **** Houston Intergroup meets the first Sunday of each month via phone.
  DA meetings begin promptly on time and last for 1 hour. Usually there are members present a few minutes before the meeting begins, and members will usually stay afterward to help answer any questions from newcomers. Newcomers are welcome at all DA meetings, but Visions meetings are geared towards members with some time in the program who are interested in developing their plans for their futures.

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Holy Name Passionist Retreat Center
430 Bunker Hill Road
Houston, TX 77024
In Neilson Hall
St. Luke's United Methodist Church
3471 Westheimer
Room R-21
Houston, TX 77027
3501 Building
(Formerly St. Luke's Crossroads Building)
3501 W. Alabama
Houston, TX 77027

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